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Soul Canvas

 Create your own unique canvas that is filled with beauty and art from the heart and soul. From beginners to experienced, this mixed media piece will capture your heart.


Soulbooking classes dig DEEP into the matters of the heart through mixed media pages on a variety of topics and themes that help us on our journeys.

Soul Bible Art

Adding beautiful and poignant visuals inside your Bible helps to reinforce the lessons within and bring them to mind and soul when most needed in life. 

Soul Portraits

Discover the power of a portrait of yourself that catches your breath and allows you to see the beauty of your soul that everyone around you sees and loves. 

Soul Photography

 Capturing photos is an art in itself. Join a group for a hands-on class where you learn how to use your camera, different settings and create images that you can be proud of.

Soul Make-up

Makeup is just a different form of art with a different canvas! Why not have some fun together with some girlfriends to learn and play and create some new looks!

Soul Layouts

Traditional scrapbooking, but with a deeper focus on incorporating your heart and soul into a layout. Mixed media techniques that any level of crafter can do!

Soul Art Retreats

There is nothing like several days connecting with other women to feed the soul! With sessions and projects all designed to help you dig DEEP into matters of the heart.

Soul Strengths

Discovering your God-given strengths that make you uniquely YOU truly empowers the soul to soar! Using Cliftonstrengths is only the beginning of this journey.

Allison Orthner

Calgary, Alberta Canada

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