It's time.

In a world full of busy days, long to-do lists and the lure of media and online entertainment as a convenient escape, it is easy to withdraw. To stay inside. To give up the habit of meeting together and connecting with other souls. This has been true in my own life and I want it to change. It's time to connect. To create. To learn. To grow. Together.

Allison Orthner
Owner of SoulART and
Allison Orthner Photography

My soul journey.

As a mostly retired High School teacher who has also worked in the ART industry for over 15 years, my favourite thing is to combine these worlds! My heart's cry is to feed the heart and soul of all who enter my space. My soul is most full when I can help women connect, laugh, cry and journey together and then pay it forward to those in need around the world. A portion of all proceeds always goes towards a worthy cause near and dear to my heart.

My foundation and faith.

All that I am and all that I do with SoulART is based on my faith in God. This does not mean that you need to share this faith... it simply means that this is the foundation of all that I teach and I humbly invite you to explore and question and learn and grow in a safe place with love and true connection as the primary focus. I believe we can walk in this world arm in arm without needing to see eye to eye. I believe we must.

Allison Orthner

Calgary, Alberta Canada

© 2019

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